Thursday, December 11, 2008

And speaking of serious sales....

my buddy Marc just sent me some great news!!  This is what he wrote: Attention All Sneakerheads!!!!...We have a serious sale going on for the next couple of days... A Buy 1..Get one %50 Percent off on ALLLLLLLLLLLLL NIKE/Jordan...yes foamposite boots do apply. 

You hear that folks buy 1 and get 50% off!!

I suggest making a trip down to Training Camp ASAP
Training Camp
1412 Broadway (39th St.)
NY, NY 10018

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Marc-Anthony said...

A!!!...It's Marc..From training camp!! It's been awhile..I was looking through all of my contact info and I couldn't find your I went right back to the source!...Please email whenever you get this lets catch up