Monday, November 17, 2008

Why We Love Puma!

Happy 60th Birthday to a brand that gets it! First of all, Puma Californias fit my foot like no other. But second of all, in this week where my theme has been about how sneaker companies need to bring their heat out in smaller sizes, let me say this: Puma's birthday heat, pictured below, comes out starting in a men's size 4! Now is that so hard?? We love you, Puma.

Puma Clyde Anniversary Editions, $80 at

Puma Roma 68 Anniversary Editions, $90 at

Also, visit to see if a Puma Birthday Party is coming to a city near you. 20% off the whole store, plus giftbags, DJs and more...

Thanks to nicekicks for the nice pics.

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