Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Music Discovery:Rick Lucy

Everyday I receive tons of friend requests from musicians on Imeem. Most of them I just add to my friends list without out looking at the profile. But this particular musician I had to check out, I mean someone who has a breast on the album cover is worth checking out right? So I'm on his profile and I click on the song Expatriate and let me say that song took me to a whole-new-level. What's great about Rick is that his identity is a mystery and so is his sound. Its all over the place but in a good way. His sound is so unique and freshing, that I think I just found the song to my upcoming dance video.

Expatriate - Rick Lucy

Irked Minions - Rick Lucy


Anonymous said...

I love Expatriate..actually that's Malene Younglao on there

bgirldeluxe said...

I love RickLucy Asa matter of fact Expatriate was written and performed by Malene Younglao