Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FSF interview with Byata from Miss Rap Supreme

Anybody who saw an episode of Miss Rap Supreme knows that Byata does not play. Pulling from her Russian roots, adding the grit of New York City, and spitting lyrics both rock hard and sexy smooth, she's definitely making moves. FSF caught up with her cuz A-money heard she was a sneaker fiend. Turns out she's got a supreme love for her kicks....

What do sneakers say about her? "Females are not supposed to be sneaker fiends. They’re supposed to wear boots, stilettos, stuff like that. It’s a little different. If you a cool chick who has a cool sneaker game, it says something. Like you can run, you can get hurt, you can fall, you’re ready for shit. It says something about you. " Check out the interview to learn more about her life growing up as a Russian rapper on Coney Island, and who she thinks mighta been rocking fakes on Miss Rap Supreme!


Anonymous said...

Yeah...that's right...Runner-up ain't bad !!!
I can tell that Byata is a chick that doesn't baby her kicks...she rocks them..I appreciate that.

FSF...neva sleep !!!

adina renée said...

her show game is mean.

Becca the Promo Mami said...

i could tell she had dope taste from the show.

i didn't catch most of the season, but from what i saw, she was raw.