Thursday, March 1, 2007


I just got this eamil,, thought maybe somebody might be interested......

Dear All:
I'm writing to invite you to participate in a project I am doing as
part of my fellowship at A.I.R. Gallery ( in New York

With all of the events and exhibitions culminating in 2007, a year
that some have dubbed the Year of the Woman Artist, it is a great time
to reflect on the meaning of feminism.

With this in mind, I chose this as my fellowship project and hope to
gather as many different definitions of feminism that I can. Anyone
can submit regardless of location, gender, age, background, or
lifestyle. So, spread the word to everyone near and far!

How do you define feminism? Do you follow the dictionary entry to a T
or does the word have a deeper meaning to you? As different
generations emerge, dissect, and redefine this word and movement, the
true meaning of the word continues to become more and more complex.

To me, feminism transcends this traditional method of explanation.
Generations, organizations, historians, artists, and individuals don't
always have the same versions of what this word means. Is it a
movement? A mindset? A way of life? Do you love it? Live by it? Hate

There is only one rule, and that is you have to submit your form
online (see the link below) in this format:

Last Name, First Name. Birth Year. City of Residence. Definition
(50 Words or less).

The entries will be compiled into a 'dictionary' ordered by last name
that will be downloadable from the A.I.R. Gallery Website early this

The hope is to arrive at several variations and personal definitions
that can not only be usable as a resource or source of inspiration for
all of us right away, but also as a time capsule for future supporters
of feminism. Anyone can participate!


- Please submit your definition here:

Definitions are due by Saturday, March 31 st.
- Submit your email address so you will be notified when the compiled
dictionary is ready to be viewed!

Looking forward to seeing your definition!


Brynna Tucker
Artist, Feminist, and 2006-2007 A.I.R. Fellowship Recipient.

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