Monday, September 12, 2011

Ladies and Gents I would like for you to

give a hey girl hey to our newest blogger Maria Elena aka Miss SnkrDivaMob! I first met Maria on the wonderful world twitter a few months ago. She has a dope collection of kicks, nail polishes and Married to the Mob tees. Peep her interview....

1) Who are you and what city do you rep?

I am Maria Elena a.k.a SnkrDivaMOB and I from the City of Wind Chicago!

2) When did you start collecting?

I started collecting back in about 2000, basically when I was old enough to get my name on a payroll check! haha

3) What's your favorite pair?

My favorite pair of Jordans are Jordan XIII Aquas and in Nikes my favorite
pair are the Tiffany Dunks

4) What's the sneaker scene out in the Chi?

The sneaker scene here in Chicago is amazing! We have all heads from all corners of Chicago who love and appreciate the sneaker movement and community. Respect is given to all sneakerheads from the suburbs to the inner city soleheads which will always amaze me. I love it!

Welcome to the team girl! :)