Friday, September 16, 2011

Girls Got Kicks Book Tour Begins @ Goliath!

Over 75 folks braved the rain to come through and check out the world premiere of Girls Got kicks. It was off the hook, and many thanks to Goliath for hosting a great party!

karina, Erica, Jenone and Fetti reppin for FSF

Everyone showing off their pages!

Signed a lot of books...thanks to everyone who came through to buy one! Good thing I brought 2 boxes, they all sold!

Amonee posing with hers...

Achilles, karina's son, signed his pic for everyone!

Finally met Roc, an old friend of FSF

Finally got a pic with Flower too!

Thanks to everyone who came out, to Rashawn and Rox for taking pics (click their links for more pics!), and to Rosemary and the whole Goliath crew for hosting!

For more info on the boo
k tour, click here.

P.S. For anyone who's wondering about this jumble of fonts and font sizes, apparently I've been writing too much about girls got
kicks, cuz my "k" key broke. I gotta cut and paste every k in! Crazy....

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