Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Swizz Beatz X REEBOK?

Yes! In case you haven't heard yet, Swizzy is bringing new life to Reebok in 2011 with these! On twitter he has shown us 2 colorways. The one that stands out the most has a slate gray nubuck upper, white leather eyelets, dark gray leather panel, and white mesh or gortex. The sole is elevated and chunky in a light neon green, yet compliments the sneaker itself. I like what i see in the pics and can't wait for more hi res pics! What is your take on them? Hit up Swizzy on his twitter @THEREALSWIZZZ to voice your opinion!


$A$ the Great said...

you know what? I don't hate these! :) this will probable give reebok a push that it needs

Unknown said...

yes AS!!! yes!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa you ain't lying when u say these will give new life to reebok!! I'll rock them without a doubt!