Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nike Women's Urban Line, Holiday 09

Vandal Hi December release

What's coming up from the Nike Women's Urban line? They took Ancient Egypt as their inspiration, building colorways and designs based on the symbolism and art of that day. As the design team says, "The spirit and essence of the original queens have been transported into the hearts and minds of modern day urban queens. This energy is expressed through her self-empowerment, her self-confidence, and her self-evolution." Alright, they're talking about YOU, so what do you think?

Vandal, Blazer, Air Max 97, sun theme, out in December

These beauts and the top electric Vandals are my favorites in this selection. The ones below don't pop as much for me... (Although the Blazers below use a new digital printing technique that's kinda interesting.)

Out in November.

These Snow Waffles are kinda fun. Out now.

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