Tuesday, October 20, 2009

adidas hits the runway with PPQ

I know Puma's made some inroads into the fashion world, and now it seems adidas is taking up the strategy as well. Much of their Originals by Originals have been quite innovative and fun, and now they've taken it a fashion-forward step further--hitting the runway with London-based PPQ, a fashion house with a music background. As PPQ's cofounder Amy Molyneaux says, "I've always coveted the Trefoil logo and its ability to be ever stylish since its design. It defines decades of music and fashion and is an integral part of historical style. It's very music related and therefore has a synergy with PPQ." And I have to say, if I had to wear a dress, this one is cool as hell!

Now, these cube photos are a further collab, with a photography outfit named Rankin. Do they look a bit soft porn-ish, or is it just me? You know how I hate photos with half-naked women wearing sneakers. And stuck in boxes. What the??? Really adidas? You can't be bothered to advertise a single women's sneaker, but you stand behind this? Talk about boxing us in.

Thumbs up for PPQ, thumbs down for Rankin and adidas.

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