Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My most recent purchase

Last Thursday as I was shopping for Christmas gifts at Queens Center Mall, I decided to go into Pulse and look at some sneakers. And I came across this beauty. I figured hey its time to spice up my sneaker life with a different color and these stood out to me. I asked for some assistance and luckily they carried big kids sizes for this shoe I tried on a 6.5 they fit fine but then I saw the Price Tag $100.00. I said to myself a hundred dollars for some dunks low tops at that I said no thanks I won't be taking these and left. After I left I kept thinking about this sneaker all week and finally I said to myself there has to be a decent price on these so yesterday I took the Q20 bus down to Jamaica Ave. what a good choice I made. I went right down the block to the Coliseum Mall And walked into one of my favorite sneaker spots, called Sneaker King. They had this shoe and in big kid sizes as well and sold it to me for $75.00. Its always good to know that I can count on Jamaica Ave for some kicks. Pics:

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Anonymous said...

u can get these for 60 da cheapest.