Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FABRIKEN, Swedish hip hop party!!!

Alright alright...I cant say it was a big turn up but I´ll post pics anyway. This is a newly opened club so I hope more people will show in the future. I was piss drunk so thankfully there was only one pic of me!!!!Here you go:

Mackan, the bartender. Free drinks ALLLLLLLL night

DJ Connect from Swedens finest production crew Elite Fleet and danish rapper Two Towers

?????????BIG APE from Elite Fleet. Pissdrunk

Swedens finest....Sneaker_Sandy Ha ha. You dont even see what I´m wearing at the bottom. The most important thing to show off in pics


DJ Create and DJ Devastate spinnin records

More bump&grind

Sneaker maffia, sorry no closeups!!I was too drunk to take good pics