Monday, April 9, 2007

End to End Live in NYC Tuesday

New York City is celebrating the Launch of adidas¹ New Spring
End to End Collection made exclusively for Foot Locker. These
shoes were designed by seven of the world¹s most highly-
respected graffiti artists from the United States, the United
Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France. Working nearly nonstop
for three days in a warehouse in East London, these guys
designed and created the artwork for these shoes.
( for visuals: ).

Siloette painting

Siloette's End to End kicks

End to End Project: Full-sized replica subway car will
by seven world-famous graffiti artists, working collaboratively
to showcase the beauty and style of this art form, in daylong event.

April 10 (Tuesday) 10:00am-1:00pm (media showcase of artwork,
close to completion) This is a full-day event, come anytime
to watch artwork unfold.

NW corner of Houston St. and Lafayette St.

The graffiti artists are Can2, Atom, Rime, Scien, Siloette,
Skore, and Smart.

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