Wednesday, September 11, 2013


WNBA All-Star Ivory Latta of the Washington Mystics has teamed up with female-focused company Nfinity Athletic Corporation to launch a signature sneaker.  The IL|12T (pronounced Illist) is based on Latta's initials and her jersey number.  Nfinity and Latta worked together to produce a sneaker specifically designed to meet the physical needs of the female athlete.  

According to data kept by the NCAA of injuries during the early 1990's, they found that women were three to four times more likely to tear an ACL than their male counterparts. Which is a result of women wearing shoes designed for and catering to the male athlete. Latta told Dime Magazine earlier this year "The majority of my injuries were in my knees. So these shoes give women the stability we need and are also comfortable." The sneaker is ultra lightweight and features BioniqTM technology.  According to Nfinity, BioniqTM technology is designed 100% for the female athlete and addresses the typically more pronounced Q-Angle in females.  More technological info on the IL|12T is in the above pic.

The IL|12T ranging from size 6-13 is available for pre-order on for $149.99.  Several days ago Latta posted the promo code ALLSTAR2013 to get the pair for $89.99, but there's no confirmation if the code is still working.  

Pics: via Ivory Latta
Info: via Nfinity Athletic Corporation & Nfinity twitter 

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