Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pink/Black Foamposites at Expressions

If you're a female sneaker fiend in New England, you've probably shopped at Expressions. (26 stores across the region and fairly good at stocking small sizes!) If you're into the pink foamposites, I just heard from the footwear buyer there that they are releasing them in sizes 6-15. If you're a 6, 6.5, or 7, and you'd like to have a pearlized pink foamposite held for you, let us know. There are limited quantities and any held shoes must be picked up by 10am on the release date. (11/23/12).


Anonymous said...

yea i deffintl would like a pair but im no way close to new england lols

Janice said...

Hi is there someone I can contact in regards to this? Please email me at I'd like to purchase the pink foams in a size 6 although I'm in Australia.

Unknown said...

How do I hold these shoes and where do I pick them up