Thursday, May 10, 2012

I would like to Introduce Chicago's own Forever Fly Crew

I came across this brand on twitter and it immediately had my attention for a few reasons. One of the being that they are from Chicago <3, two they represent for the females and three..Well the name of the brand speaks for it self....They are Forever Fly. I asked them to if they would like to do an interview with us and they were more than happy to support FSF. So with that being said here is out Q&A with the Forever Fly Crew....

Whats up!!! Let's just get right down to business....

-Where is forever fly based?

We're based in Chicago, the city we all were born and raised in...

-See that's one of the reasons I like ya'll.. Chicagoan till Chicago win!

-When did the crew come up with idea and how did the start up come about?

Forever Fly was launched in March of 2010. When it came to choosing a name
we needed something that would be simple, catchy, easy to remember but the most important
thing was to find something that would reflect our brand. The crew came about after forever fly was started. At first we were just four guys working on a brand. But we discovered that our story was just as unique as our brand. That's when we decided to display our image rather than only clothing. 

-Okay okay, I like that! The brand and what it does for unity is more important than the clothing it is represented on...I can dig it!

-What do you want for your brand?

The main thing we want is to show is anything is possible. It's crazy that young men from the west side of Chicago can build a business from the ground up and in return do things to better the community around us. We try to make classic clothing opposed to focusing on whats trendy. We sell most of our clothing through meet ups because we feel it works for us. That personal connection with every customer is everything to us and we really do enjoy meeting the people that make us who we are. Every person that makes a purchase with us is buying their way into our crew and they represent us every time they wear it. 

-Why should female sneaker fiends rock your brand VS other female clothing lines?

We never intended on starting a separate line for women, it was something that built itself
Since our launch, we always received custom orders from our women customers. With no prior 
experience in designing for women, I needed help from the Forever Fly ladies to make 
something that they would like. That's when we decided to reach out for opinions through our social
network pages. So in reality, the women's line was really created by the people who support it.
We want our female fans to support all small businesses but they should rock Forever Fly more because we're  DOPE and they're not.

-I know that it wasn't intentional to produce to a line for females but what changed your mind?
A lot people in our fan base are female and we wanted to do something to cater to them. We didn't want to leave anyone out. We even started a campaign #NoChildLeftUnFly for the kids that wanna be Forever Fly.

-This I love a brand made for women by women!! I love that! And the confidence!! ahaha

There you have ladies! Hit them up on Facebook or twitter! Or on these right here interwebs at:

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