Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kixpo 2011

The road crew for Kixpo. These fellas saw us in the lot and volunteered their muscles for our use. Boxes only ladies, this is a PG 13 blog ; D
This little beauty came right up to the table and asked for some stickers. She and dad rocked AJ5s
In My Sole crew repped hard at the event. Happy to see ladies working THEIR own tables. Hope to see you in Houston & follow em on twitter @inmysole
Sam Colt 12 from Heat Seekers Krew and his daughters. Dude is heavy in the game, reps Texas all day and does bespokes with the girls. Fathers take notes!
My homie and godkids mom, Memphis (not her real name). Came from Houston to help and see what Fee really does on these trips. She had a blast and is hoping to attend Htown Sneaker Summit July 31 at the Toyota Center.

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