Tuesday, June 7, 2011

C.O.P. Magazine Issue 4!

I've had a love affair with magazines since I learned how to read.  Dr. Seuss?  Nah, I'll peep that Tiger Beat, thanks.  I can recall begging my Mom to buy me the new issue of Sassy/Seventeen/YM every time we were at the supermarket check-out. 

As an adult, however, I hadn't yet found a magazine that printed material I could actually 100% relate to.  That was until I was asked to write an article for C.O.P. Magazine.  C.O.P. is not easily described but let me give it a shot.  It's a magazine by street smart and street-cultured women, for street smart and street-cultured women.  If you're into graf, sneakers, art, humor and underground music, I think you'll "get" it, and love it. 

With that all being said, the new issue is still hot off yesterday's press.  You can download the digital copy for a buck or order yourself the real deal for $10, right here!

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