Monday, October 25, 2010

Bo Jackson Trainer "All for One" Event

The signage explaining the purpose of the event. Who does Fee talk to about getting some of the "used" signage et al from these events?
The designer (holding the All for One edition Bo Trainer), Bo Jackson "Mr. 2 Sport", and Gus Johnson take center stage to talk about Bo, the shoes, and those ad campaigns...Bo Knows!
This IS a sneaker blog so the obligatory sneaker shot. Bo wore dress shoes tho = (
The Cristiano Ronaldo All for One Trainer special edition box. Each raffle winner got a 1of 2 shoe, the artwork, and this custom box for $350.
The next generation of multi-sport athletes sit and soak in the wisdom of Bo Jackson. These young men play football for the Pitbulls in NYC.

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