Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Still on a high from this past weekend's Sister 2 Sister event in Boston, I was very happy to see that female designer/video director/artist Vashtie Kola was called upon for the Jordan Holiday 2010 Girls collection to create a pair just for us that will have guys in awe! It is a limited-edition with lavender and deep-purple on the upper, along with metallic lavender laces and midsole! NICE!!! Look for these next month along with the AJ2 Retro "Candy" pack.

Source: JUMPMAN23


A the Great said...

I would like these more if it wasn't a AJ2. But I'm glad she got pick to design for Jordan Brand

FETTi said...

aw cmon A$! dayummm! it's by Vashtie!!! support!!!

A the Great said...

I don't mind the colorway but its just the silouhette. I dislike Aj2. If they were 1,3,4,8, and 11's I would be all on them!