Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Miami Photoshoot Footage!

Charissa (aka CMS, on left) and Jen Jen were phenomenal hosts! They even let Amanda pretend to own a mess of kicks =) (see below) But most of all, they let us stay with them, showed us a great time, drove us to all the shoots, and really made us feel at home. We almost didn't leave!

Amanda posing as a killer collector...

Snkrgoddess with about half her kicks! Okay, this girl is for real!

Check out Charissa's kicks, toys and vintage coolness... (click on image to enlarge)

Umm, Mazi, this isn't your shoot!

The real Charissa...

Getting ready for Jen Jen's shoot...and this isn't all her kicks...

She was nice enough to open a LOT of boxes...Amanda's real pics are off the hook!

Lala at Miami Beach--who knew there were 2 Lala's who loved kicks, and who were both near Miami's Nikki Beach at the same time? We almost missed our shoot after the other one told us she was wearing high heels not kicks. Good thing we got it straight, cuz this one was ready to go with beautiful art and a whole family supporting her!

It was Amanda's favorite place to shoot, too! We almost lost her to the beach....

Relz and Chef, co-owners of, did their shoot together at one of the Art Basil walls in the Winwood Art district.

Relz (on left) and Chef

Chef, CMS, Lori and Relz at the dunkxchange!

Gary running the raffles. "Who founded FSF?" was a hard one for a few of the guys...

Thanks to everyone who participated, and sorry to a few girls who we missed!

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