Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome Loni & Sonia to the FSF blog team!

We've already posted about Sonia Sanchez, lead blogger for Spain's Zapateca website, adding her 2 cents to our blog, but now we've also roped in Loni Schick, an avid sneakerhead from up north--Saskatchewan, Canada to be exact! Here's what she has to say:

"What's good Fiends? I'm a Photographer/Blogger from Saskatchewan, up in Canada. I gotta thank my boy, Danny O., for igniting my love for the sneak game. These are probably the first wild set I bought. I copped em in LA and got so much love rocking them down the Vegas strip. To me, that's what being a FSF is all about: being comfortable and being able to let everyone know just how dope you are without having to say a word."

Look forward to more worldwide sneaker coverage from FSF!


erika said...

yessssssss good choice ladies...Loni aka Elle Aye seriously rules

A the Great said...

Yes Loni saves lives!

Anonymous said...

Sonia! me llamo marina jimenez de Sevilla, publicista, futura coolhunter, y ahora escribo en un blog, se llama 25 gramos, cómo puedo contactar contigo??

Sonia Sanchez said...

hola Marina!

puedes contactarme en


herana said...

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