Tuesday, September 15, 2009

574 Clips Collection is here!

The 574 Clips stay true to the 574’s design and comfort technologies, but acquire their name from being constructed of leftover clips of materials from other New Balance “Made in the USA” silhouettes, specifically the 993 and 996. A nice ecologically friendly way to pass on some hand-me-downs from their "richer" cousins! Typically constructed of cow suede, the evolved 574 will feature supple grey pig suede, which comes from the leftover materials of the 993 stitched together with one of four different colored surplus meshes from the construction of the 996.

It's interesting to note that the 574 Clips Collection shares various technologies with the 2010 re-engineered 574, such as removal of unnecessary foams in the tongue and collar to reduce heat and bulk and added rubber durometers to yield shoe flexibility and a softer feel. It also features a PU insert for plush comfort and a microdenier lining taken from the 993 to create a luxurious feel.

It all adds up to an upscale feel for a somewhat downscale price, if you can get your hands on a pair! They're available now, but with only 120 pairs per color available, limiting the total production to 480 pairs. 574 Clips will retail at $75.00 at the following stores: Reed Space in NYC, Shoe Gallery in Miami, Bodega in Boston, Commonwealth in DC, Premium Goods in Houston, St. Alfreds in Chicago, Burn Rubber in Royal Oak, Sole Boutique in San Antonio, Goods in Seattle, and Undefeated in LA. I'm not sure what the smallest size available is.

Visit www.574Clips.com for more information about the video clip marketing campaign that adds a double meaning to the name "clips".

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