Tuesday, March 3, 2009

adidas All Star Jacket Contest Winners

Sorry for our delay! We received many great responses and heard about all kinds of wonderful "sisterhoods". What do "sisters" do for each other? It ranged from brute honesty "Shalonte is kind of truly honest and harsh with reality" to have-your-back lying, "Jess crashing her brother’s car for the third time and calling me at one o’clock in the morning just to get the story straight so that if her mom calls our stories are on the same page."

Here at last are the winners of our adidas x FSF "Sisterhood Contest".

From the West Coast (and winning 4 WEST jackets):

These lovely ladies I call my best friends, my family away from home and like my sisters. From left to right is Evelyn, Me (Gina), Alicia and Nel. We all have our busy schedules involving school, work and families but we are still able to be there for one another. We made a promise to never allow a long time to pass by without hanging out in a group, so we have a monthly activity just to make sure we get a good laugh in. Although we are four different women, we share the same morals and values and have been close for almost 9 years now; nothing can break us apart. There is nothing we don't share with each other, and we know that we are only a phone call/text away. Unique talents and interests makes us click and depend on each other. There has never been a dull moment and we are glad to have each other everyday. I don't know where I would be without these girls, I love you gals!

From the East Coast (and winning 4 EAST jackets): The BreakNYCe Crew!

This is my crew. We're 4 girls altogether and we come from all over: Washington, Michigan, Canada and Japan. But break dancing brought us together when we all met in New York 3 years ago. It's hard being a female in a male dominated dance scene, so having a crew there to support you is crucial. We train together, compete together, travel to jams together, buy sneakers together, laugh together and have cried together. We're a family at the end of the day, and when one of us has a problem, whether we can't get a backspin to look right or we can't get a job or are having problems at home, we are there for each other. We call ourselves the BreakNYCe crew, in tribute to where we met and live, because living in the NYC would not be the same without these girls!

And getting our last 2 jackets (one EAST and one WEST so folks can tell you twins apart...):

This is me and my twin sister. Yea we don't look alike at all, but we’re twins :) I love my sister to death because we been through many things in life. We really never had our parents to be there for us, so it’s been us since day one. So basically we feel like we only have each other. We help each other in many things from the simplest things to the hard things. Like simple homework, practicing for a softball game or like listening to each other. And helping each other on our struggles. We been through so much struggles on our life, but we stay strong because we have each other and try to make the right decisions to our problems. And that’s all it matters. And overcome them.

Runners up: The East Coast had most of the comp, and this was our runner up Emory team...then and now!

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries! And thanks to Kristen and Valerie at adidas for the jackets!

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