Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Product Review!!! KASHI KICKS

Lori trusted my sneaker sense when asked by Alex from Kashi Kicks for a product review. After checking out their site http://kashikicks.com and speaking to Alex, I received a package with 2 pairs! The women's model PIANO and the fella's model BBOY Sneaker Factory...both in my size!! Thanks Alex!! I myself don't wear red too much, however I will be shopping for something to go with the BBOY's!! I don't favor pantent leather too much either, however the intricate woven design in the toebox and on the mid panels is cool! The PIANO model is a great concept of creativity with the piano key midsole, lace, and glitter...just a bit too much for me. I do love the fuzzy inside of the sneaker! Had they created a solid panel I would have been all for it! When I was at the Hip Hop Cultural Center in Harlem on Saturday for the Women in Hip Hop art segment, I brought both pairs along to display and the ladies seemed to gravitate to the PIANO model so there are fans ready to add them to their collection!! Check out their site to see more styles!


Sammi said...

I checked out the site, and they got tons of cool designs other than these two. I'm gonna have to try a pair out!

FETTi said...

thats whats up sammi!!!