Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not Bad For a girl THANKS!!!

Not Bad For a Girl, was another one of our Birthday bash sponsors, but I wanted to wait a bit to put up the tiny sponsor interview I did with Karen the founder because Highsnobiety's Chicks with kicks had just put up This interview with her. But here it is anyway and do check out the lengthier interview at Highsnob.

name, age, location, marital status, please?
Karen Jane, London, Married to Kam (although not technically).

Where are you originally from?
Hampshire, UK

When did you start not bad for a girl?
NBFG started officially last September.

How does sneaker culture influence your designs?
It's all about design - good design in inspiring, whether it's an amazing shoe, colourway, material combination or concept. So yeah sneaker culture is inspiring for some of these reasons but it's only a part of a wide range of stuff n thangs that are influential to me.

Have you designed or worked with any other labels?
Yeah, I have recently started working with UK label Addict on collaborative pieces as a guest artist. It's going really well and has had some great feedback on the first pieces. I also did an artist New Era 59Fifty recently.

What can we expect from NBFG in the near future?
The label is constantly growing gaining new pieces and getting better distribution. Next to drop is a homage to the Cookie Crew - old school female mc crew from London. After that we have some winter pieces coming - hoodies and sweats etc.

How big is your sneaker collection?
Small but perfectly formed! I'm a Jordan, Max 1 & 90, Air Force One and Flight 89 girl. There's about 30/40 pairs currently in rotation.

what are your favorite pair?
That's hard, it really changes daily. I'm fickle like that.

Anything you want us all to know about you and NBFG?
We will be one year old next month.

Any shout outs?
Always! My boy Kam, the girls; Anths, P, Lisa, Grace, Milly, Geraldine, Crissy, Shona, Ren & Rebecca, all the people who support NBFG & Fatsarazzi for the recent shoot.

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